What is the Minimum Video Length for YouTube?

This may be a surprise to many people but there isn't really a minimum video length for YouTube videos. However, it's more a question of why you would want to upload a video that is only a few seconds long.

The shortest videos that are uploaded to YouTube are designed to take advantage of YouTubes 'Shorts' feature.

A YouTube short is a short video that is between 15 - 60 seconds in length and is created to deliver short, snappy messages, or bite-sized amusement. Shorts were added to YouTube after leading social networks rolled out similar features prior.

To make a YouTube Short simply create a 15-60-second-long video and add the hashtag #shorts to the video title.

Now that we have clarified what the minimum video length is for YouTube, let's dive into the topic of optimal video length and the reasons behind it.

Video length is generally determined by the topic or niche, and the message that needs to be delivered. Is your video broadly touching on a topic, or will it go into detail and deliver deep insights?

What you need to be aware of is that different people like to digest content differently. Some people like to watch shorter videos that get straight to the point. Sometimes this can be personal preference or sometimes it can be due to time constraints.

Other people like watching longer videos.

However, I have personally found that the sweet spot is between 8-10 minutes in length. This video length gives you plenty of time to provide value to your audience without boring them. This also leads me to another relevant point. Make your video interesting!

Video length plays a part in 'engagement' but being able to captivate and engage your audience is key to increasing your watch time.

If your YouTube channel is monetized, then longer videos also provide you with more video ad options and capabilities. You can decide what type of ads play and when.

YouTube want to promote videos that provide value and it's hard to do that with videos that are only 1-3 minutes in length.

On the flip side of that, people who are seeking some simple instructions, an answer or a review of a product don't want to sift through a 60-minute video to find what they're looking for.

A good tip that you can apply before creating your video(s) is to enter your chosen keyword into the YouTube search bar and look at the top results.

How long are those videos?

YouTube are showing those videos at the top of their search results for a reason, so try and mirror them in video length. Look at what is already working and replicate what they are doing. Only do it better.

To your success!

Andy Black

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