Uncover EASY, rank-able keywords and light rocket fuel under your videos that will send them soaring to the top of YouTube's search results! 🚀

Whilst tracking the results of EVERY video you publish

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  • Instantly identify 'easy to rank' keywords!
  • Optimize your video title, description and tags for laser focused SEO!
  • Track the daily views and ranking position of your videos!
  • Achieve higher rankings, reach a bigger audience, and generate more views!
  • Generate more clicks, leads and sales!
  • Unlimited access for a low cost monthly fee!




Our Three Powerful Modules Will Help You to Dominate YouTube, Explode Your Channel, Increase Your Subscriber Base, and Generate Lots of TRAFFIC to Any Website or Offer

Let’s take a closer look at the features TubeSerp has to offer

Keyword Analysis

Use our keyword analysis module to uncover valuable keywords that are easy to rank for, and to avoid harder keywords that will yield poor results

Video Optimization

Use our unique and exclusive optimization technology to super charge your video titles, descriptions and tags for FAST high rankings, and long-term results

Result Tracking

Use our video tracking module to track the daily views and ranking position of all of your videos, and even competitors videos (to give you a better insight regarding potential keywords and niches)


Keyword Analysis Demo

Video Optimization Demo

Result Tracking Demo


It's More than Just a YouTube Optimization Tool

TubeSerp is our cloud-based software application that provides you with a complete suite of tools to help you succeed with YouTube.

It enables you to perform vital tasks such as keyword research, optimizing video listings for better rankings, and also tracking your results - Within one user dashboard.

People use YouTube for many different things. Some use it to build an audience and spread a message. Others use it to build a brand, or share content with the world.

TubeSerp helps you to do all of that.

However, its sole purpose is to help you transform YouTube into a traffic generating machine.

Over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube every single month to digest content and obtain information for every known topic, niche and interest.

Using TubeSerps powerful tools you'll be able to quickly tap into your perfect audience and pull your ideal prospects from YouTube to your OWN websites and offers.

When using YouTube and TubeSerp combined, FREE traffic generation has never been easier.


What Can You Do With all the FREE traffic that Our TubeSerp “SEO Tool” Will Help You to Generate?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Here's just a few examples of how you can PROFIT with the extra traffic generated by using TubeSerp

  • You can send people to a squeeze page and build a mailing list!
  • You can send people to affiliate offers and earn commissions!
  • You can send people to CPA offers and get paid per result!
  • You can send people to physical product pages!
  • You can send people to clients websites and contact forms!

See Amazing Results With Your Videos in 3 Easy Steps


#1. Identify an Easy Keyword to Target

Enter ANY keyword into TubeSerp and within seconds our tool will indicate whether it will be an easy or hard keyword to rank for, saving you lots of time, effort and possibly money.


#2. Create an SEO Optimized Video Listing

Use TubeSerps unique optimization technology to create a highly optimized video listing, which includes your title, description and tags.

This will increase the relevance of your video and propel it higher up YouTube's search results.

Then simply publish your video on YouTube.


#3. Track Your Results

TubeSerps built-in video tracking feature will allow you to monitor the daily views and ranking position of your videos - allowing you to visually see your progress and results.

You're also able to quickly add date stamped notes to log any changes you make to your video listing, allowing you to see how your changes impact your results.


See How We Used TubeSerp to Build a huge mailing list of over 30,000 email leads for FREE

Generating tHOUSANDS of dollars in sales

In the case study below you'll see how we SEO optimized a small number of YouTube videos for specific keywords to promote one of our other software applications (called RewriterApp).

As you can see, these videos generated a HUGE number of VIEWS, and drove a large amount of CLICKS to our squeeze page - Which ultimately resulted in lots of SALES.

Optimized Videos Increased Views

We used TubeSerp to identify some valuable keywords and search phrases, and then SEO optimized our videos for those keywords using the built-in video optimization features.

This increased our video views, helped us to reach more prospects, and ultimately allowed us to drive more traffic to our squeeze page.

Our 'Call to Actions' Encouraged Viewers to Click Our Link in the Video Description

We included plenty of CTA's (Call to Actions) within our video content to encourage our viewers to click the link in the description, below our videos.

This resulted in many of our viewers clicking our link which took them straight over to our squeeze page to check out our free offer.

Our Squeeze Page Converted Many of those Clicks Into Email Leads

Our squeeze page then converted a large percentage of these visitors into email leads, growing our email list and allowing us to engage with them, and send them marketing messages and content.

Many of those New Prospects Invested in Our Software (Generating Sales)

Once our viewers subscribed to our email list it made it far easier to contact them with a follow up email sequence to better illustrate our product and all of it's benefits.

This of course resulted in lots of sales, and continues to do so.

All of this was possible by utilising the unique, and powerful features inside TubeSerp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get instant, unlimited access to all features for 7-days to evaluate our software.

Yes, if you cancel within the 7-day period, you will not be charged any further payments. You can cancel either the trial or subscription at any time 'instantly' from within your user dashboard, with just two clicks.

If you see the value in our software and decide to keep your access to it after your 7-day trial is over, you will be charged $19 per month thereafter.

We accept payment via Paypal or Stripe (if you'd prefer to pay with debit / credit card).

No, you will get full, unlimited access to all features. However, TubeSerp does require you to obtain a FREE YouTube API key from YouTube. This is 100% FREE and simple instructions are provided within our tutorials page on how to do this.

No, we do not offer refunds. Instead, we provide you with a 'full access', 7-day trial for just $1. We make it very easy for you to cancel before your trial period is over, should you wish to.

We can't guarantee results as it depends on the keyword and niche that you target, as well as the quality and relevance of your video.

Yes! We have put together a 16-page training report that teaches you how to use TubeSerp to drive traffic and build an email list.

Yes! We have a series of short, easy to understand tutorial videos that will help you to use the software effectively.

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