Looking for a YouTube Keywords Extractor? Read this First

In this article I'm going to explain what YouTube keyword extractors are and why you need to use a more comprehensive tool to see great results.

A YouTube Keywords Extractor is a software tool or app that will extract keywords from a YouTube video listing. It will extract and present all the keywords that are found within the video title and description.

However, many people make the mistake of focusing too much on keywords rather than semantic words. You see, it is semantic words (LSI words) that will rank your videos higher in the YouTube search results, not just keywords.

Semantic words are words that are highly related to your target keyword. These words might not be in your keyword, but they are relevant and help to support your keyword in terms of SEO and ranking. They help create a theme and paint a picture that YouTube understands.

However, it is important to include your target keyword within your video title and the description. In the title, your keyword should be the focus - usually being present near the start of your title.

Some people get confused when it comes to semantic words so I will give you some examples below.

Let's take the keyword 'preparing gloss paint for repainting'.

Semantic words for that keyword that YouTube will deem highly relevant are words such as 'undercoat', 'sand', sandpaper', 'sanding', 'brush', 'filler', 'wood', 'finish', 'rough', 'smooth' etc.

The more relevant semantic words that YouTube can discover and identify within your YouTube video listing, the more YouTube will associate your video as relevant, high-quality, and in-depth in relation to your subject. These words help to paint a picture about your content, and they let YouTube know exactly what your video is about.

How Does YouTube Identify Semantic Words?

Like Google, YouTube have a huge index / database of videos, all of which appear in their search results for a magnitude of keywords and search queries. When they crawl your video listing for the first time, they can compare it to other videos within their index. They can cross reference all of the words you have used within your title and description, with words used in other videos. This is how they determine the 'relevance' of your video to the keyword that you are wanting to target.

So, Do You Need to Use a YouTube Keywords Extractor?

The answer is somewhere in-between. You need to use a software tool that will extract all the semantic words from successful, competing videos and weight them in an order of relevance and importance.

This will allow you to write strong titles and descriptions that will help your videos to rank much higher, than if you were just using guesswork. Not only would your videos rank higher in the YouTube search results, but they would also be placed more prominently across all areas of YouTube such as the 'YouTube Feed' and 'Suggested Videos'.

The Solution: What YouTube Keywords Extractor Should You Use?

TubeSerp of course! Our software has a unique set of features built-in that are exclusive to our software and that uses our own 'word weighting algorithm' that we developed over a lengthy period.

YouTube semantic word extraction

Our software will provide you with the exact semantic theme required to rank for your target keyword by extracting the related, semantic words from the top competing videos.

It will then apply a level of importance to each 'word' and provide you with an easy-to-use, user dashboard making it quick and easy for you to write your optimized 'titles' and 'descriptions'.

However, to increase the CTR of your video as well as increase ranking you also need to create some curiosity with your title.  Our YouTube Title Finder article reveals how to find the balance between semantic optimization and writing for the viewer.  We have answered the question of how much CTR is good for YouTube in one of our other articles.

Our software includes several other features too that will help you to generate more views, and attract more clicks, leads and sales from YouTube.

You can start your 7-day trial for just $1 today. You've nothing to lose!

To your success

Andy Black

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